Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Passage from "Writing for Self-Revelation"

My favorite passage in the article for "Writing for Self -Revelation" is the passage about private writing. The passage speaks about how "writing should be taught orally since we talked ninety percent of the time." I personally agree with that statement. If we are not on the phone speaking verbally, then most of time we are speaking directly to someone. This is true even in the business world. For example, when we go into an interview we must sell ourselves verbally to the person in which we want to hire us. Everything in the world revolves around speaking. Yes we can text and write via social media but words can get misconstrued and misinterpreted so communicating verbally is always best.

The passage also states private writing “should not be inhibited by technical corrections, that it should be natural and sincere.” I mean really, what other way is there to write, other than writing from the heart. Anytime you begin to write based on how someone tells you to write you find yourself doing one or more of the following.
  • Babbling
  • Repeating Yourself
  • Getting off the subject
  • Having a lost for words
  • Getting bored
When any of those things begin to happen you lose sight of self and your voice becomes lost as a writer. The words no longer just flow freely but now you find yourself trying to figure out what you were writing about to begin with. Luella Cook also stated, “We live and learn by unconscious absorption and assimilation” therefore I take that as we learn we least expect to. When you think of that statement think back to a time where in which a friend was talking to you about something, then think about the numerous of times you were in class and couldn’t recall nothing that the professor discussed but I bet you remembered everything your friend had said without a second thought. The same goes for learning rather the subject be writing, reading, or whatever we learn best when things are communicated to us. With that being said, what are your thoughts in reference to the subject matter. Was the writer precise when he stated that writing should be taught orally? What do you feel and why?

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  1. Much stronger post as you weave in some rhetorical questions to connect readers to your post.