Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let the Mind Be Free!

Goody Two Shoes has some very good points when it comes to writing. Often times we find ourselves making all that we do apart of a daily routine, to the point where it becomes boring. What happen to having fun? What happen to being stress free and under NO pressure instead of pressure, get it? I love how she states in the article "don't be dutiful write from the heart." Best advice ever. If you treat something like a job eventually you will get sick of it. Which is also true in regards to dieting, whenever "You Know" you can't have something, that is when you crave it the most and that is the same for writing. When there are no rules to how you write the material comes freely. "You can't improve when following the rules."(Goody Two Shoes)

I also like how the article advises you to do something different and take time away. Another good point because if you are working on a book or a long paper, after so long of sitting at a computer you get impatient. You have to clear the mind in order for new inviting thoughts to take over which could enhance your writing. Goody Two Shoes was right on the money, definitely a good read!

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  1. Good choice of focusing on the writer's advice of writing from the heart. You may be able to elaborate a bit more to clarify why this is essential. When, how, and why should we do this as writers?