Friday, January 23, 2015

Having a Moment

January 23, 2015 Today has been one of those days. Feeling a little down and wondering what is to come. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s knowing on the inside that my better half is not giving me the support I hope for. Lost in midst of confusion, not sure on what path to go. My heart says continue, my mind says you got it but my pockets say I’m crazy. I have so many great ideas and so many wonderful abilities, I know what I’m capable of, and I just wish he thought the same. Wish I could be as lucky as those people who hit the lottery or that person who won 100,000 from a scratch off. Yeah, that would be perfect for me right about now, the answer to all my worries, the helper to all my needs and maybe even a little boost to get a certain someone off my back. Sitting here sipping on my coffee, thinking rationally for a change on the direction I should pursue but every time I do it all draws back to the same picture I already had in mind. Get it together sister girl, is what I keep saying to myself, if only it were that simple.

Well no sense in dwelling especially when time is of the essence and everybody knows I have absolutely no time to waste. Days like this all I can muster up the courage to do is what I’ve always done and that’s shake it off. All the negativity just shake it off and move forward. Looking backward will get me nowhere, I also follow these simple steps daily, as a refresher, as my pick me upper. Step 1: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Step 2: Stop thinking if only for a second. Step 3: Remember your greatness. Step 4: Pray and listen for God’s voice for guidance. Whenever, I do those four steps I’m taken back into that great place within and I’m then able to move forward. Sometimes I'm just impatient but I know in due time, all will work out accordingly to my good.

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  1. I believe you in and God believes in you that's why he created you with the gifts and talents you have. He makes no mistakes he was patient, have faith and trust in you so in return give him the are a masterpiece don't let noone tell you other wise... I'm proud of you continue to do the four steps and it will pay off more than that lottery ticket 😉😊 you sis.