Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No One Understands

January 21, 2015 No one said the choices you make in life needed anyone permission but your own. No one told me that I had to chose to be unhappy. No one told me it was my own personal right to step out on faith. No one, absolutely no one, even asked what it was that I wanted or even told me that they would be willing to ride with me in any decision I made. I know I wasn’t the only one stuck in a career they didn’t like. I know I wasn’t the only one living the American dream. I can’t complain, I know I’m bless. Every time I hear the many horrific stories of families losing their homes, someone becoming ill or just living a tuff life in general. I know I’m bless and I feel selfish when I think about the fact of me wanting more in my life. I know I’m bless but it still hurts being deprive of that one true calling. I know I’m bless but does internal joy and being bless go hand in hand. Now I’m contradicting myself and second guessing the decision I made, even though I know I did at the time what I felt was best for me. I’ve always summed together on a list all the things that would make one happy.
  • God
  • Love
  • Family
  • Friends
  • A Great Career
  • Peace Within

I have most of the things listed except two “A Great Career and Peace Within.” How does one accomplish the goal of having a great career when the one they constantly work their butts off for is not the career they want but more so just another source of providing and helping with the financial needs of the family. I know stability is important and I know responsibility is just as important and in today’s society one must always be responsible. What happen to having faith and so much belief in one’s self that you push forth with your goal and just say forget working for somebody else when you could be focusing on the ultimate goal. Well good bye to my current career and hello to my future. Man I’m scared of what lies ahead but my faith is strong and my passion is even stronger.

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