Thursday, January 22, 2015

Say it ain't so

January 22, 2015 Just found out some bad news in reference to a family member. Bad news seems to be the center of my universe right now. I won't let it get me down though I've come too far in changing my way of thinking to convert back to what was, no way, no how, I'm good. Skin clearing up, and looking prettier than ever. Goes to show that when you drop the load of stress you hold, how it seemingly changes everything. Reality has set in, a little too quickly for my liking but that's life for you. In all you do you are taught some kind of lesson and rather you take from it, is primarily up to you. Face the facts is what I often tell myself, since it seems as though I do too much fantasizing and day dreaming. Guess I'm still one who believes in only seeing the good and overlooking the bad. Silly me huh? Well that's me I'm an optimistic kind of gal and proud of it. I smile because I can and laugh because want to. Sometimes it's best you laugh to keep from crying. Besides no one can judge me but God right? True enough people can voice their opinion but their opinions doesn't matter in eyes. At this point in my life their opinions doesn't even fit into my program, why should it? You only get one life and you can either live it peacefully and happily or miserably and scared. Scared of making your own choices, scared of speaking up, scared of seeking your purpose, scared of being you and more importantly, in fact it's at the top of my list scared of living in regret. Yep...that's my biggest fear and one I'm choosing not to have. The only voice I hear now is the man above and that's God. Whatever path he says I should follow I will. He is leading my way and with him by my side I'm sure to be just fine. Life is hard trust me I know but it's beautiful too, especially when you decide to live for you and through God's way. I know my purpose and that is a feeling that is beyond great.

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