Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Short Memoirs of my Life

My Pursuit of Music
I’ve always enjoyed music. Rather it be writing it, singing it or performing it. As a child I begin to know just how much music meant to me, when I would hear a song on the radio and make up my own version. Beyond that I started singing in my church choir when I was seven years old and now you can’t get me to shut my mouth. Throughout my school years I participated in various things that involved music. I remember this one particular music teacher I had in High School who was beyond hard on me. In fact I can honestly say I feared her. She would make me practice so much until whatever song I was singing was perfected. When I think back on it now I’ve learned that practice makes perfect. I learned that by her being hard on me when it came to my craft, it only meant she wanted me to be great in what I enjoyed doing. She instill in me the ability to work hard for something I love and never settle for just being ok.


Changing my Major
Often we are face with making major decisions in regards to living life and figuring out what we want out of it. For so long I believe I did what everyone else wanted me to do, instead of following my own mind. When I graduated high school I decided that when I went to college I would major in nursing. After almost two years of being enrolled at OU I had to leave due to financial reasons. I took two years off school to get money together to pay off what I owe and ended up going to a community college where I continued my major in nursing. While I was working towards my degree in nursing I was also working at a hospital. Though I enjoyed helping people and caring for them I knew nursing was no longer for me. My friends and family told me I had come to far to have a sudden change in career and that being a nurse would bring in good money for me. Well long story short I decided to do what was best for me and change my major to what I enjoyed. Although it would be like I wasted time and money and would be practically starting over, I was happy in my decision. What I learned from this experience is that in life you have to follow your heart and trust in instinct, knowing that if it is meant for you money will come but in all things keep faith.


Getting Married
Love is the essence of all things beautiful in my eyes. It was always a focus point in my life, even as a young girl. I always dreamed of having my prince charming sweep me off my feet, just as it showed in the movies. I found out at an early age that romance does not always go as you have plan. Then I met my now husband and he showed me different. I learned the ups and downs of what real love detailed. I learned how to put God first in our relationship because without him, it doesn’t work. The day I said, I do changed my life for the better. I was now spiritually connected to my better half and it felt great. We pray together, we enjoy life together and we make the best of things. I also learned being wife how to talk things out instead of being stubborn, which was always an issue for me. I learned how to be a team and I’m sure I will learn more.


Restoring My Relationship with my Father

As a child my father was absent from my life. I don’t have many memories of him being present and even thinking about doesn’t set right with me. Birthdays, holidays, big events in my life, he wasn’t there. However, when I graduated high school he was came to see me walk across the stage and it was one of the happiest days of my life. It was also confusing for me because I had so many questions. My heart was heavy because I felt he had missed out on so much in my life. After the graduation things went back to normal but then I decided to be the bigger person and reach out to my father so that we could build a relationship. Now years later we have the best relationship and we are making up for lost time. I learned from this situation that sometimes you have to step up and be the bigger person and not prideful, even when you are not the one wrong.  

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