Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brieft on My Pursuit of Music Memoir

Deciding to do a memoir about pursuing music as a career is a subject very dear to me. I often battled with myself on a consistent basis on rather or not it is best to follow what you love versus what is deemed to be stability. If I told you how many times I was shun away from friends and family in reference to my career choice, you wouldn’t believe me. No one agreed with me making the decision to pursue being a music entertainer rather than finishing my degree in Nursing. Any career in the field of art is considered to be “like hitting lottery” it rarely happens if you’re looking to reach heights such as gain in fame and fortune. For a while I truly believed in what everyone told me and instead of making being an artist my sole priority I placed it on the back burner.


I attended college full time majoring in Nursing and for some was headed in the right direction, however, I was unhappy. I needed to do what made me happy and I needed to stop worrying about what others thought of the decisions I make. What I’m aiming to express and the point I’m trying to get across, is that you cannot worry how others will view you. You’re goal in life should never be to accommodate others perspective about you. You only get one shot at what we call life and the moment you decided to be what others want you to be is when you fail. I want you all to learn from my memoir that I’m planning to write in reference to “My Pursuit of Music” that you should always follow your heart. I want you to witness my journey in following my heart through my eyes and my experiences. I want you to learn of my struggles and learn of my accomplishments. I want you to understand how I dealt with adversity and still continued to push forward with my pursuit in music.


What you won’t learn is everything about my life because in this memoir it is not necessary. You also don’t need to know about any jobs I’ve held and let go during my journey because it has no reflection on why I chose music. The most important things you will learn is the ups and down of the industry because it’s important in knowing why some of my family and friends disagreed with my decision but for the overall, you will experience my love for music, my inspirations and my journey to excel no matter what. I hope you can take from this reading and embed in your thought processes for whatever you truly desire to do this one scripture “You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.”

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  1. What you choose for this assignment doesn't have to be life-changing. Sometimes the smaller things in life offer us the best chance to reflect on ourselves and our decisions, so if you decide to do these larger topics, you need to figure out a way to slim down the telling by using story-telling strategies such as flashbacks, sequencing, and or voice.