Saturday, April 4, 2015

Analyzing Strategies Used in an Advocacy Post

In writing my “Technology is taking Over” piece I decided that speaking truthfully as to why I felt the way I did would be the best approach. I wanted to incorporate some of my own personal experiences so that my readers could see things from my perspective, while also taking a step back to reflect on their own lives and how technology may or may not consume them.

I aimed to used all three appeals which included ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos require one to show credibility and my credibility was shown in my truth and when I revealed my personal experiences to my audience. Logos was given in my piece/post when I incorporated percentages found based on another person article on phone usage. Pathos was used in all that I wrote because I express why I felt so strongly about the use of technology interrupting our relationships among each other as well as family.

When it comes to writing an advocate posting or anything arguing against a certain topic, in my opinion logos will always be used the most. For me logos appeal works best primarily because it is easy to connect emotionally with an idea you have so much to say about. Logos also works for the readers because by breaking down your view points, it allows one to fully understand the message. In all, if one is choosing to advocate against any subject or matter, one must first state their reasons, break down their view points, give examples and make sure others can relate to what it is you are discussing.

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