Saturday, April 4, 2015

Analyzing Strategies Used in an Advocacy Post

In writing my “Technology is taking Over” piece I decided that speaking truthfully as to why I felt the way I did would be the best approach. I wanted to incorporate some of my own personal experiences so that my readers could see things from my perspective, while also taking a step back to reflect on their own lives and how technology may or may not consume them.

I aimed to used all three appeals which included ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos require one to show credibility and my credibility was shown in my truth and when I revealed my personal experiences to my audience. Logos was given in my piece/post when I incorporated percentages found based on another person article on phone usage. Pathos was used in all that I wrote because I express why I felt so strongly about the use of technology interrupting our relationships among each other as well as family.

When it comes to writing an advocate posting or anything arguing against a certain topic, in my opinion logos will always be used the most. For me logos appeal works best primarily because it is easy to connect emotionally with an idea you have so much to say about. Logos also works for the readers because by breaking down your view points, it allows one to fully understand the message. In all, if one is choosing to advocate against any subject or matter, one must first state their reasons, break down their view points, give examples and make sure others can relate to what it is you are discussing.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Persuasive Bloggers

The "Science of Persuasion" exposed many truths about the ways many of us work when it comes to persuasion. The six keys mentioned in persuading readers were:
  • Reciprocity
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Consistency
  • Liking
  • Consensus
These six keys can be used for sales, gaining readers, or whatever it is that you need because these keys influence one to "Say Yes". We can practically uses these six keys in our everyday life but when it comes to blogging, I feel that not all of these keys will work. The ones that I do feel are relevant to blogs is authority, consistency and liking.
  • Authority is having knowledge about any given subject so that your readers are more willing to listen. If you are blogging about Love for example, what knowledge do you have for someone to listen to your expertise. Are you married? How long have you been married? These questions and the answers to them can show your readers rather or not you have authority on the subject you are writing about.
  •  Consistency one must be consistent when blogging in order to gain a following, well if that is the aim of course. If you are blogging to reach a certain audience, to be heard or to share a message I will assume you will want others to respond to what you are writing, therefore consistency is key. Blogging only once or twice a month will not get you many followers.
  • Liking in the "Science of Persuasion" states that people who are similar basically connect more. If you are showing your personality in what you write, you will more than likely gain a following of people who think like you and act like you.
Of all the three keys I have chosen, that I believe are important when it comes to blogging "liking" in my opinion is the most important. I'm not saying that one must like you in order to read your work but at the same time, rather you write positively or negatively, if you are using your true authentic voice and writing as you really speak, more people take a liking to that response and that in turns makes one want to read more of what you write. We can find ways to use all these keys when it comes to blogging but it ultimately up to the writer on how they wish to reach their audience but for me if one would like you, based on how you write and appeal to them and that to me is where the "liking" key comes into play.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reading of "The Art of Influence"

Honesty, having a conscious, and being able to remove the mask are some of the subjects “The Art of Influence” discusses. Why are the above key ideas to be a good essayist? Do readers really care if what one writes is their honest truth? These are the questions I ask myself when writing and I’m sure many others ask themselves those same questions. I often place myself in the shoes of a reader and ask myself what it that I’m looking for when reading others work as well as my own. I must say I agree with much of what “The Art of Influence” discusses. I laughed as I read the line in the essay stating that “A contract between the writer and reader has been drawn up, the essayist must then make good on it by delivering or discovering as much honesty as possible.” A contract really? I always thought a contract had to written out and signed by both parties because when I think of contracts, I think in the legal form. However, apart of me understands his theory and I as well understand that what the statement is saying is primarily fact, that one must write honestly keeping the reader in mind. I believe that statement also is stating that when one fails to write honestly, they in turn lose their readers.

“We must remove the mask.”

“The spectacle of baring the naked soul is meant to awaken the sympathy of the reader.”

My conscious doesn’t allow me to anything but honest in my writing. Choosing not to be does not set right with me because I feel that people can sense when you are being honest or just saying whatever sounds good. My thoughts on the subject of being able to remove the mask in my opinion, means being able to open up to your readers. The way to open up is simply baring it all as the second quotes states. How do we bare it all when there may be something one is afraid for the public eye to take notice of? Just do it, is what I will say. We will always in one way or another worry about what revealing ourselves may mean to others. We will always be afraid of the unknown. We will always feel that allowing our readers to know who we really are, means we are allowing them to judge us. If that is the case the best way to get over all of those issues is to simply as stated above “Do It”. “There is one thing the essayist cannot do-he cannot indulge himself in deceit or in concealment.” Another quote in “The Art of Influence” states “The conscience of the personal essay arises from the author’s examination of his or her prejudices.” Until we put ourselves out there in an honest way we are basically showing that our own prejudices influences our capability of writing openly, where then is our credibility?

“The Art of Influence” applies to ability as a writer because all of what was stated appealed to me. The messages appeal to me because the writer being described is the type of writer I aim to be. When I write I write for understanding and write so that others reading can see me and get to know through my writing. I try to connect with my readers so that they can take into perspective the message I’m aiming to get across. Reading “The Art of Influence” was a great way of allowing me to understand why being honest is best and universally should be our whole life’s way of thinking.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brieft on My Pursuit of Music Memoir

Deciding to do a memoir about pursuing music as a career is a subject very dear to me. I often battled with myself on a consistent basis on rather or not it is best to follow what you love versus what is deemed to be stability. If I told you how many times I was shun away from friends and family in reference to my career choice, you wouldn’t believe me. No one agreed with me making the decision to pursue being a music entertainer rather than finishing my degree in Nursing. Any career in the field of art is considered to be “like hitting lottery” it rarely happens if you’re looking to reach heights such as gain in fame and fortune. For a while I truly believed in what everyone told me and instead of making being an artist my sole priority I placed it on the back burner.


I attended college full time majoring in Nursing and for some was headed in the right direction, however, I was unhappy. I needed to do what made me happy and I needed to stop worrying about what others thought of the decisions I make. What I’m aiming to express and the point I’m trying to get across, is that you cannot worry how others will view you. You’re goal in life should never be to accommodate others perspective about you. You only get one shot at what we call life and the moment you decided to be what others want you to be is when you fail. I want you all to learn from my memoir that I’m planning to write in reference to “My Pursuit of Music” that you should always follow your heart. I want you to witness my journey in following my heart through my eyes and my experiences. I want you to learn of my struggles and learn of my accomplishments. I want you to understand how I dealt with adversity and still continued to push forward with my pursuit in music.


What you won’t learn is everything about my life because in this memoir it is not necessary. You also don’t need to know about any jobs I’ve held and let go during my journey because it has no reflection on why I chose music. The most important things you will learn is the ups and down of the industry because it’s important in knowing why some of my family and friends disagreed with my decision but for the overall, you will experience my love for music, my inspirations and my journey to excel no matter what. I hope you can take from this reading and embed in your thought processes for whatever you truly desire to do this one scripture “You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.”

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Short Memoirs of my Life

My Pursuit of Music
I’ve always enjoyed music. Rather it be writing it, singing it or performing it. As a child I begin to know just how much music meant to me, when I would hear a song on the radio and make up my own version. Beyond that I started singing in my church choir when I was seven years old and now you can’t get me to shut my mouth. Throughout my school years I participated in various things that involved music. I remember this one particular music teacher I had in High School who was beyond hard on me. In fact I can honestly say I feared her. She would make me practice so much until whatever song I was singing was perfected. When I think back on it now I’ve learned that practice makes perfect. I learned that by her being hard on me when it came to my craft, it only meant she wanted me to be great in what I enjoyed doing. She instill in me the ability to work hard for something I love and never settle for just being ok.


Changing my Major
Often we are face with making major decisions in regards to living life and figuring out what we want out of it. For so long I believe I did what everyone else wanted me to do, instead of following my own mind. When I graduated high school I decided that when I went to college I would major in nursing. After almost two years of being enrolled at OU I had to leave due to financial reasons. I took two years off school to get money together to pay off what I owe and ended up going to a community college where I continued my major in nursing. While I was working towards my degree in nursing I was also working at a hospital. Though I enjoyed helping people and caring for them I knew nursing was no longer for me. My friends and family told me I had come to far to have a sudden change in career and that being a nurse would bring in good money for me. Well long story short I decided to do what was best for me and change my major to what I enjoyed. Although it would be like I wasted time and money and would be practically starting over, I was happy in my decision. What I learned from this experience is that in life you have to follow your heart and trust in instinct, knowing that if it is meant for you money will come but in all things keep faith.


Getting Married
Love is the essence of all things beautiful in my eyes. It was always a focus point in my life, even as a young girl. I always dreamed of having my prince charming sweep me off my feet, just as it showed in the movies. I found out at an early age that romance does not always go as you have plan. Then I met my now husband and he showed me different. I learned the ups and downs of what real love detailed. I learned how to put God first in our relationship because without him, it doesn’t work. The day I said, I do changed my life for the better. I was now spiritually connected to my better half and it felt great. We pray together, we enjoy life together and we make the best of things. I also learned being wife how to talk things out instead of being stubborn, which was always an issue for me. I learned how to be a team and I’m sure I will learn more.


Restoring My Relationship with my Father

As a child my father was absent from my life. I don’t have many memories of him being present and even thinking about doesn’t set right with me. Birthdays, holidays, big events in my life, he wasn’t there. However, when I graduated high school he was came to see me walk across the stage and it was one of the happiest days of my life. It was also confusing for me because I had so many questions. My heart was heavy because I felt he had missed out on so much in my life. After the graduation things went back to normal but then I decided to be the bigger person and reach out to my father so that we could build a relationship. Now years later we have the best relationship and we are making up for lost time. I learned from this situation that sometimes you have to step up and be the bigger person and not prideful, even when you are not the one wrong.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Having a Moment

January 23, 2015 Today has been one of those days. Feeling a little down and wondering what is to come. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s knowing on the inside that my better half is not giving me the support I hope for. Lost in midst of confusion, not sure on what path to go. My heart says continue, my mind says you got it but my pockets say I’m crazy. I have so many great ideas and so many wonderful abilities, I know what I’m capable of, and I just wish he thought the same. Wish I could be as lucky as those people who hit the lottery or that person who won 100,000 from a scratch off. Yeah, that would be perfect for me right about now, the answer to all my worries, the helper to all my needs and maybe even a little boost to get a certain someone off my back. Sitting here sipping on my coffee, thinking rationally for a change on the direction I should pursue but every time I do it all draws back to the same picture I already had in mind. Get it together sister girl, is what I keep saying to myself, if only it were that simple.

Well no sense in dwelling especially when time is of the essence and everybody knows I have absolutely no time to waste. Days like this all I can muster up the courage to do is what I’ve always done and that’s shake it off. All the negativity just shake it off and move forward. Looking backward will get me nowhere, I also follow these simple steps daily, as a refresher, as my pick me upper. Step 1: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Step 2: Stop thinking if only for a second. Step 3: Remember your greatness. Step 4: Pray and listen for God’s voice for guidance. Whenever, I do those four steps I’m taken back into that great place within and I’m then able to move forward. Sometimes I'm just impatient but I know in due time, all will work out accordingly to my good.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Say it ain't so

January 22, 2015 Just found out some bad news in reference to a family member. Bad news seems to be the center of my universe right now. I won't let it get me down though I've come too far in changing my way of thinking to convert back to what was, no way, no how, I'm good. Skin clearing up, and looking prettier than ever. Goes to show that when you drop the load of stress you hold, how it seemingly changes everything. Reality has set in, a little too quickly for my liking but that's life for you. In all you do you are taught some kind of lesson and rather you take from it, is primarily up to you. Face the facts is what I often tell myself, since it seems as though I do too much fantasizing and day dreaming. Guess I'm still one who believes in only seeing the good and overlooking the bad. Silly me huh? Well that's me I'm an optimistic kind of gal and proud of it. I smile because I can and laugh because want to. Sometimes it's best you laugh to keep from crying. Besides no one can judge me but God right? True enough people can voice their opinion but their opinions doesn't matter in eyes. At this point in my life their opinions doesn't even fit into my program, why should it? You only get one life and you can either live it peacefully and happily or miserably and scared. Scared of making your own choices, scared of speaking up, scared of seeking your purpose, scared of being you and more importantly, in fact it's at the top of my list scared of living in regret. Yep...that's my biggest fear and one I'm choosing not to have. The only voice I hear now is the man above and that's God. Whatever path he says I should follow I will. He is leading my way and with him by my side I'm sure to be just fine. Life is hard trust me I know but it's beautiful too, especially when you decide to live for you and through God's way. I know my purpose and that is a feeling that is beyond great.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No One Understands

January 21, 2015 No one said the choices you make in life needed anyone permission but your own. No one told me that I had to chose to be unhappy. No one told me it was my own personal right to step out on faith. No one, absolutely no one, even asked what it was that I wanted or even told me that they would be willing to ride with me in any decision I made. I know I wasn’t the only one stuck in a career they didn’t like. I know I wasn’t the only one living the American dream. I can’t complain, I know I’m bless. Every time I hear the many horrific stories of families losing their homes, someone becoming ill or just living a tuff life in general. I know I’m bless and I feel selfish when I think about the fact of me wanting more in my life. I know I’m bless but it still hurts being deprive of that one true calling. I know I’m bless but does internal joy and being bless go hand in hand. Now I’m contradicting myself and second guessing the decision I made, even though I know I did at the time what I felt was best for me. I’ve always summed together on a list all the things that would make one happy.
  • God
  • Love
  • Family
  • Friends
  • A Great Career
  • Peace Within

I have most of the things listed except two “A Great Career and Peace Within.” How does one accomplish the goal of having a great career when the one they constantly work their butts off for is not the career they want but more so just another source of providing and helping with the financial needs of the family. I know stability is important and I know responsibility is just as important and in today’s society one must always be responsible. What happen to having faith and so much belief in one’s self that you push forth with your goal and just say forget working for somebody else when you could be focusing on the ultimate goal. Well good bye to my current career and hello to my future. Man I’m scared of what lies ahead but my faith is strong and my passion is even stronger.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 20, 2015 Alone in my room, thinking and wondering. Many days are a struggle for me. Often I find myself asking what my purpose is in this life. Some days I’m satisfied and other days I’m not. Internal joy is what I seek, inner peace is what I yearn. I have for my age everything a young lady such as myself should need and want. I have a house, a nice car, an amazing husband and two beautiful stepchildren but something is missing. Apart of me knows what that something is but fails to truly seek it. Apart of me is afraid of failure. Apart of me is afraid of change and the responsibilities that change could entail. What do I do? Where do I go from here? How can I figure me out when it’s no longer just about me.

Lost, confused, scared, worried, tired, fearful, stress are all the words that come to mind when I think about what I want in life and where I hope to be. Happy, excited, joyful, inspired, free are the words that come to mind when I think about that something I’m missing. Is it too late? Should I give up on that something and just throw in the towel? Is there ever a right time to make a life altering decision? Is it possible to have the one thing you love and it be your only focus? Even if it meant lack of financial security. My mind is drifting, my thoughts are scattered and my heart is yearning. I feel stuck with no way out and I’m too far gone to look back now. I need to be happy with what I do. I cannot and will not no longer settle for allowing my dreams to be deferred. My heart depends on it and my soul needs to be free. Can I breath?

Heart wants what the hearts wants….

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Passage from "Writing for Self-Revelation"

My favorite passage in the article for "Writing for Self -Revelation" is the passage about private writing. The passage speaks about how "writing should be taught orally since we talked ninety percent of the time." I personally agree with that statement. If we are not on the phone speaking verbally, then most of time we are speaking directly to someone. This is true even in the business world. For example, when we go into an interview we must sell ourselves verbally to the person in which we want to hire us. Everything in the world revolves around speaking. Yes we can text and write via social media but words can get misconstrued and misinterpreted so communicating verbally is always best.

The passage also states private writing “should not be inhibited by technical corrections, that it should be natural and sincere.” I mean really, what other way is there to write, other than writing from the heart. Anytime you begin to write based on how someone tells you to write you find yourself doing one or more of the following.
  • Babbling
  • Repeating Yourself
  • Getting off the subject
  • Having a lost for words
  • Getting bored
When any of those things begin to happen you lose sight of self and your voice becomes lost as a writer. The words no longer just flow freely but now you find yourself trying to figure out what you were writing about to begin with. Luella Cook also stated, “We live and learn by unconscious absorption and assimilation” therefore I take that as we learn we least expect to. When you think of that statement think back to a time where in which a friend was talking to you about something, then think about the numerous of times you were in class and couldn’t recall nothing that the professor discussed but I bet you remembered everything your friend had said without a second thought. The same goes for learning rather the subject be writing, reading, or whatever we learn best when things are communicated to us. With that being said, what are your thoughts in reference to the subject matter. Was the writer precise when he stated that writing should be taught orally? What do you feel and why?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let the Mind Be Free!

Goody Two Shoes has some very good points when it comes to writing. Often times we find ourselves making all that we do apart of a daily routine, to the point where it becomes boring. What happen to having fun? What happen to being stress free and under NO pressure instead of pressure, get it? I love how she states in the article "don't be dutiful write from the heart." Best advice ever. If you treat something like a job eventually you will get sick of it. Which is also true in regards to dieting, whenever "You Know" you can't have something, that is when you crave it the most and that is the same for writing. When there are no rules to how you write the material comes freely. "You can't improve when following the rules."(Goody Two Shoes)

I also like how the article advises you to do something different and take time away. Another good point because if you are working on a book or a long paper, after so long of sitting at a computer you get impatient. You have to clear the mind in order for new inviting thoughts to take over which could enhance your writing. Goody Two Shoes was right on the money, definitely a good read!